About Rana

I find myself in an endless search for patterns. My ceramics stem from my background in architecture/urban planning, my Iranian heritage, and my design preferences.  I look at aerial photographs, satellite imagery, calligraphy, and mid-century geographic designs and find a wealth of patterns to use in my work. I then use different methods to transfer these patterns to my ceramics.

Why maps?

Many have asked me before. Maps show the cultural landscapes of our cities. They show the civic structure, block sizes, nature, and reveal so much about life, habits, and culture of citizens. For me, maps of cities are like palms of humans. You can tell what they have gone through and what path they see ahead by palm reading a city. You can tell the difference between two peoples by looking at the maps or aerial photographs of their cities. You can tell if they are conservative or outgoing. You can see if they had lots of resources or if they had to make the best of scarcities they faced. You can tell if they celebrated public life or preferred privacy. That is why I am fascinated by maps. For example, look at the picture below. These are sections of four cities: an island in the Philippines, Tunis (Tunisia), Tehran (Iran), and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). You can see how they have been developed differently and in different scales during different points of time. cities-forsilkscreen.png